Copypasta, Homophily, & Belief Perserverance: Vocab for Understanding Fake News

Check out the latest issue of Teaching Tolerance for a primer on the language that can help you get your head around fake news, how it spreads and why it persists. ILLUSTRATION BY MARC ROSENTHAL


Learn More: Critical Pedagogy and Assessment

"Shor is not surprisingly critical of the current assessment environment which, he says, involves undemocratic approaches. “A standardized testing instrument brought in from the outside, or designed by the teacher separate from the class, would only contradict the emergence of students as subjects” (Shor, 1980: 112). Rather he promotes assessment as learning activities that are... Continue Reading →

Learn More: Pathways

On In-Service Day this October 17th, Davis Jenkins, Senior Research Scholar from the Community College Research Center at Columbia University's Teachers College will be speaking about the Guided Pathways model. Whether you are new to the concept, or looking to learn more in advance of the In-Service presentation and discussions, these resources can set you... Continue Reading →

Academic Honesty @ COD

In 2017, the College of DuPage is reaffirming its strong commitment to its Core Values, and we would like your help. Our Four Core Values are: INTEGRITY We expect the highest standard of moral character and ethical behavior. HONESTY We expect truthfulness and trustworthiness. RESPECT We expect courtesy and dignity in all interpersonal interactions. RESPONSIBILITY... Continue Reading →

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