Learn More: Critical Pedagogy and Assessment

"Shor is not surprisingly critical of the current assessment environment which, he says, involves undemocratic approaches. “A standardized testing instrument brought in from the outside, or designed by the teacher separate from the class, would only contradict the emergence of students as subjects” (Shor, 1980: 112). Rather he promotes assessment as learning activities that are... Continue Reading →


lolCAT – Directed Paraphrasing

Our first lolCAT is a formative assessment technique that you can employ in your classroom to gauge both students' understanding and internalization of knowledge. Directed Paraphrasing asks a student to do two things - find a new way to explain or convey information (paraphrasing), and describe that information withing the context of a specific audience... Continue Reading →

Introducing: lolCATs

Finally: assessment has met its meme. This FPD column will feature CATs - Classroom Assessment Techniques - easy-to-implement tools and techniques you can employ in the classroom (face-to-face or online) to get a snapshot of student learning. We hope the lols encourage you to embrace assessment as something that you do for YOU.

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