Memes, Trolls and Lulz – Fall 2017 issue of Teaching Tolerance

"Thanks to the tech-savvy, meme-heavy, so-called “alt-right,” white nationalism has come out of the basement and entered the mainstream. The cover feature for our Fall issue helps you learn how to recognize and combat it. This issue also addresses Little Rock 60 years later, fighting fat stigma with science and how bullying affects the bottom... Continue Reading →


Global Engagement and Social Responsibility conference -October in New Orleans

Faculty leave a lot of professional development money on the table. The Spend It Down column will highlight interesting opportunities that require registration, travel, and/or other costs. From the Association of American Colleges & Universities 2017 Global Engagement and Social Responsibility: Higher Education's Role in Addressing Global Crises October 12, 2017 to October 14, 2017 New Orleans Marriott 555... Continue Reading →

“All Your Questions About Gender-Neutral Pronouns Answered – From grammar to what to do if you mess it up.”

During the In-Service Convocation Summit, Dana Thompson and students from the COD Pride Alliance presented a very well-attended discussion "Creating a Supportive Campus and Classroom for Transgender and Gender Non-Binary Students." In addition to a frank and personal discussion, the students provided attendees with a list of general reminders including: Pay attention to the nickname column... Continue Reading →

lolCAT – Directed Paraphrasing

Our first lolCAT is a formative assessment technique that you can employ in your classroom to gauge both students' understanding and internalization of knowledge. Directed Paraphrasing asks a student to do two things - find a new way to explain or convey information (paraphrasing), and describe that information withing the context of a specific audience... Continue Reading →

Fix those File Names!

Have you ever opened a document online and thought the file was swearing at you? If you're seeing symbols in a file name (File%20Name.doc) you're seeing a poorly named file! Why is file naming important? Adopting good file naming conventions can help ensure that files will work with different operating systems and disk formats, such... Continue Reading →

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