“Who owns this tool?” Critical questions for critical thinking

"Developing these critical multiliteracies is vital if we want scholars and students — and all the digital citizenry — to retain ownership over their intellectual property, their data, their privacy, their ideas, their voices. Even tools we love — that have potential to do good work in the world — need careful scrutiny. It is,... Continue Reading →


Learn More: Critical Pedagogy and Assessment

"Shor is not surprisingly critical of the current assessment environment which, he says, involves undemocratic approaches. “A standardized testing instrument brought in from the outside, or designed by the teacher separate from the class, would only contradict the emergence of students as subjects” (Shor, 1980: 112). Rather he promotes assessment as learning activities that are... Continue Reading →

Can testing be … fun?

"Writing a good test is hard. I think it is reasonable to ask how we can make test-taking as interesting a learning experience as we try to make lectures, essay assignments, and other components of our courses. To do this, we need to interrogate the types of tests we took as students and learn from... Continue Reading →

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