Kicking the New Knowledge

Not able to attend COD’s first DJ-Facilitated Faculty Panel Presentation Kicking the New Knowledge: Hip Hop Culture and the Classroom?

You can check out the presentation slideshow above or watch the recorded event, featuring COD’s own DJ DaVo and:

Danny Cochran (English) discussing the experiences of teaching Hip Hop and Cultural Diversity, a Humanities course offered this spring at COD.

Theo Darden (Criminal Justice) discussing the beginnings of Hip Hop and its role as a platform for artists to speak out about the many issues that reflect the intersection of justice and race.

Mark Pearson (Architecture) discussing the emerging Hip Hop architecture movement and look at Hip Hop as a response to, or critique of, modern architecture and failed urban planning initiatives. He will look at architecture as the incubator of culture, and talk about how Hip Hop emerged as a response to the failures of modernism.

Trina Sotirakopulos (English) sharing notes on teaching hip-hop poet Kevin Coval’s People’s History of Chicago in conversation with Zinn’s People’s History of the US and how her students found topics like gentrification, redlining, the prison industrial complex, and inequality more accessible through Coval’s poems.

Brandon Wood (Speech Communication) presenting a rhetorical analysis of the Wu Tang’s album 36 chambers through the lens of Arthurian texts, examining how Wu Tang has been able to sustain itself in a music genre that has trended towards abandoning collectives for individual careers, and drawing some communicative implications regarding hip hop’s use of ethos, individualized power and community prioritization.

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