2017-2018 Thematic Focus

It’s summer—a time not just to kick back and relax, but to be looking ahead to the Fall and beyond. The upcoming academic year will be full of many interesting events relevant to our Honors thematic focus theme: “Technology and Society”. We encourage all of you to integrate some aspect/s of the topic into your Honors courses whenever possible and to encourage students to join activities, events, panel presentations, field trips, films, sessions that will be offered.

Our goal is to encourage students to explore diverse questions, methods, and perspectives in studying human uses and social impacts of technologies. We call on all Honors faculty members to bring their respective disciplinary expertise to bear on questions of technology and society by engaging students to develop interdisciplinary fluency in preparation for a future which will likely require them to tackle complex problems through diverse sets of methods and concepts.

One of our ideas for the semester is to sponsor a series of interdisciplinary panel presentations that focus on particular questions or topics related to this theme (for which we’ll be recruiting volunteers!). Some possible questions we could have students examine are

1.) How do we really define “technology”?
2.) How does technology influence research and application in different disciplines?
3.) How has particular technology shaped human history (at specific times or more broadly)?
4.) How might particular technologies shape our future society?
5.) How may/should technological developments be assessed?

Please also mark your calendar for an In-Service Day Thursday August 17 from 2:00- 2.45 PM in SRC 2000 in which ideas, suggestions, and best practices for the Honors thematic focus 2017/2018 will be discussed.

Of course, you can always contact anyone on the thematic focus team with questions and suggestions:

Eva Maria Raepple: raepple@cod.edu
Jim Allen: allenj@cod.edu
Tom Carter: cartert@cod.edu
Deborah Adelman: adelman@cod.edu
Shamili Ajgaonkar: sandifor@cod.edu
Chris Goergen: goergen@cod.edu
Jennifer Kelley: kelleyj@cod.edu


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